Sex trafficking is big business. Girls of all ages are enslaved, brainwashed, beaten, raped and humiliated daily. Most people who fight for the freedom and rehabilitation of these sex slaves are ordinary people who work to make a difference and speak for the voiceless. These people follow their hearts to do what they can in small and big ways so that one day people can beat sex slavery and be free.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Introducing the Board of Directors

The first official Heart.Beats.Slavery board meeting was held on January 8th.  It was a terrific first meeting. I have 7 board members and most of them had never met.  It's a wonderfully eclectic group with unique perspectives, wisdom, and talents to offer this project.  

L-R standing: Thomas, Jennifer, Harold, Chelle, Sharlene
Seated: Charla and Reegan

Thomas and Harold are the film making consultants, both with plenty of experience & connections to make this film a reality.

Reegan and Sharlene have lots of knowledge, information, stats, connections to conferences and events that address ending sex trafficking.  Reegan has her own business that sells only fair trade clothes, jewelry, accessories, cards, etc.  Sharlene teaches Law at Northern Kentucky University and teaches her students how to advocate for victims of trafficking. Plus she thinks of all those legal things that need to be addressed along the way. 

Jennifer, Chelle, and Charla are great coaches, project managers, and encouragement of the vision.  Their individual contributions to me and keeping this project moving are too many to name.  

When I think about these impressive board members and the blessing they are to making this documentary a reality, I can't help but gush with gratitude! 

Thomas Green:  Thomas got started in the production business as an intern for locally produced television show.  He then went on to pursue his Masters in Fine Arts in Film at Regent University.  He will direct this documentary as his final film project to complete his MFA portfolio.
Jennifer Davis:  Jennifer has an MBA and has run her own non-profit organization, Beaded Hope, for the past five years.  As a board member she provides her invaluable experience and coaching.
Harold Hay:  Harold has close to 30 years experience in television and video production.  He is currently in the process of opening a film school in Cincinnati. 
Chelle Magin:  Chelle has a degree in art therapy and a natural talent for project management.  As a board member she will provide creative vision, project management, and general coaching. 
Sharlene Boltz:  Sharlene is a law professor at Northern Kentucky University and a Member of the Northern Kentucky Human Trafficking Task Force. She teaches her students how to advocate for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.  As a board member she provides resources, experience, and legal advice.
Charla Weiss:  Charla is an HR Consultant in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  She has lived in several countries where human trafficking is prevalent, including China.  As a board member she provides experience and coaching.
Reegan Hill:  Reegan has her own retail business that sells only fair trade products.  Whenever possible she sources her products from companies that employ women rescued from sex slavery.  She has traveled quite a bit to do her own research on her suppliers.  As a board member she provides resources, experience, and connections to anti-human trafficking conferences and news.

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