Sex trafficking is big business. Girls of all ages are enslaved, brainwashed, beaten, raped and humiliated daily. Most people who fight for the freedom and rehabilitation of these sex slaves are ordinary people who work to make a difference and speak for the voiceless. These people follow their hearts to do what they can in small and big ways so that one day people can beat sex slavery and be free.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

All About It - Part Four: Project Management

The vision for this documentary project reminds me of a joke: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.  With each bite, I realize there are many potential places to take the next bite.  Also with each bite, I sink my teeth deeper into the meat of it. It is quite overwhelming, most of the time!  I thank God for the friends who encourage me and remind me how important it is to see this vision through.  

Here are some basic bones of the project:

~To interview people who are making a difference toward ending sex slavery. 
~To gather their stories about the passionate people about how they got involved.
~To film events where people are taking action to end sex slavery. 
~To raise awareness and funds.
~To collect a stories from some girls/women who have been rescued from sex slavery, rehabilitated, re-trained with a variety of skills and are living productive, free lives.
~To show the audience that they can help make a difference with the resources they have at their fingertips — their talents, their time, their money and their freedom of choice. 

These are my objectives, there is a LOT of prep work to be done!  I am plugging away and moving forward with the vast possibilities available for this project. I am very grateful God will me with management!


  1. Hi Emily!

    I thought of you last week. At our church's women's retreat, they featured a speaker who is also very passionate about ending sex slavery. The most appalling and eye-opening (for me) information she shared? Sex slavery is not just something that happens a thousand miles away in a distant country, but is happening in my own town. She shared that since "the powers that be" are not trained well in dealing with cases of sex slavery, many times it goes on undetected.

  2. Hey Jacqueline! Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. And thanks for the prayers you send me- they are like water for my soul.

    Yes, what you shared in your comment- this is why I intend for this documentary to be as universal as give an overview of how far and wide the evils of sex slavery reach while providing models of possibility and avenues for action towards ending it - EVERYWHERE! More on that later...

    Thanks for being such a blessing to me. xoxoxo