Sex trafficking is big business. Girls of all ages are enslaved, brainwashed, beaten, raped and humiliated daily. Most people who fight for the freedom and rehabilitation of these sex slaves are ordinary people who work to make a difference and speak for the voiceless. These people follow their hearts to do what they can in small and big ways so that one day people can beat sex slavery and be free.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Accident

The making of this documentary is no accident. On the surface it may seem like an fluke or a mistake for me, somebody who has never made a film before, to be tackling this project. What on earth has possessed me? I work in a boring grey cubicle 40 hours a week, how can I possibly declare I am making a documentary about sex slavery? For me, it makes total sense given my natural passions, experiences and history. I had some practical encouragement from a creative mentor, too.

As I mentioned before, the idea for this documentary was born while reading Todd Henry’s “The Accidental Creative” blog. What does that mean? Here’s how Todd describes it:

“Accidental Creative [ak-si-den-tl • kree-ey-tiv] -noun,
1. Person who structures their life so as to experience frequent creative insights (see also creative accidents), 2. A company that helps creatives do brilliant work.

You must be purposeful if you want accidental. Brilliant insights don’t really happen by accident, it just feels that way. If you want to experience regular creative insight (creative accidents), you must structure your life and systems around that desire.   - From The Accidental Creative site

I have been gleaning insights and inspirations regarding the creative process from The Accidental Creative blog and podcasts for about 2-3 years. The vision for this documentary came to me while watching a TED talk shared on that blog which, brilliantly, extrapolates on that concept above. See The Slow Hunch post for more on that.

I am taking this opportunity to share my gratitude for the inspiration of The Accidental Creative because I’m excited to tell you about THE BOOK! Todd Henry has written a book sharing the same wisdom and practical applications he has shared via The Accidental Creative blog and podcasts. I have no doubt his book will become a tried and true reference manual for professional creative teams, budding writers, and creative wannabe’s of all types in the years to come. Congratulations Todd! I am forever grateful for the ways you and your creative mentoring contribute to this documentary in progress!

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