Sex trafficking is big business. Girls of all ages are enslaved, brainwashed, beaten, raped and humiliated daily. Most people who fight for the freedom and rehabilitation of these sex slaves are ordinary people who work to make a difference and speak for the voiceless. These people follow their hearts to do what they can in small and big ways so that one day people can beat sex slavery and be free.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Website Launch!

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Heart.Beats.Slavery website! 
Follow this link to visit and please provide feedback:

A huge thanks goes to David Cummings and Top Dog Marketing for building the website. 

Along with the site launch, 
I decided to get all the HBS social media started all at once.  

Follow Heart.Beats.Slavery on Twitter: @HBSdocumentary

And please consider supporting to this important film production via PayPal 
(follow PayPal link on this blog or the link on the new site), 
purchasing a t-shirt (see previous post), 
or email us at 
for other ways to donate or support Heart.Beats.Slavery!

Website, Facebook, and Twitter!  Oh my!

Filming starts Fall 2012!

Gratefully yours, Emily

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