Sex trafficking is big business. Girls of all ages are enslaved, brainwashed, beaten, raped and humiliated daily. Most people who fight for the freedom and rehabilitation of these sex slaves are ordinary people who work to make a difference and speak for the voiceless. These people follow their hearts to do what they can in small and big ways so that one day people can beat sex slavery and be free.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

All About It - Part Two: Who will buy?

Who will buy? This question might be one of the most difficult for me to answer.  Ultimately, writing out my answer took courage and tremendous faith.  I intend to create a film that attracts the following audience:

-People who don’t know slavery exists.
-People who don’t believe slavery exists.
-People who don’t realize how slavery is intertwined in their lives.
-People who don’t think anything they do effects slavery.
-People who don’t think there is anything they CAN do to reverse it.
-People who are skeptical but intrigued.

I expect people who are aware of this issue, already have a heart for ending the atrocity of sex slavery. I am most interested in reaching those other people, who, through critical mass efforts on every level, will immobilize sex trafficking and transform the lives of millions of victims. 

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